5 Alarm Party - Outdoor Laser Combat

If you're looking for outdoor laser tag in Tampa, Lakeland, Plant City, or other surrounding areas, look no further than 5 Alarm Party Rentals! Outdoor laser combat is the newest party craze to hit the country. Children of all ages love the realistic combat experience of outdoor laser tag. 

5 Alarm Party Rentals Outdoor Laser Combat

Like paintball, outdoor laser tag gives your guests hours of fun. However, unlike paintball, there's no pain!!! We use state-of-the-art technology that allows you to simulate realistic battle conditions. Unlike the bulky vests that you're used to wearing when playing indoor laser tag, outdoor laser tag provides realistic guns and all you have to wear is a small headband. You can "tag" your opponent from hundreds of yards away!

Laser tag with 5 Alarm Party Rentals is great for corporate team building excersises. We have many different games with different objectives. Members of a team must work together in order to be successful. We provide an on-site party location and regulate the games to make sure fun is had by all!

5 Alarm Party Rentals On-Site Parties

Laser tag isn't only for children. Adults love strategically planning their attacks and being successful too! In fact, outdoor laser tag with 5 Alarm Party Rentals allows you to bring the fun and excitement of video games to real life!

So, if you're looking for a different way to celebrate a birthday, corporate event, or any other special event in Tampa, Lakeland, Plant City, or other surrounding city, give 5 Alarm Party Rentals outdoor laser combat a try...You'll love every minute of it!

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